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Are Apple Events Becoming Lame?

Over the past few months, Apple has held two events to unveil new products, including the iPhone 7 and new MacBook Pro lineup. Both events had the high points of shiny new tech being announced, but they also had their fair share of low points, leaving those watching, even in the live audience, bored.

I believe that one of the biggest reasons for the Apple event lameness is the crazy amount of leaks that we’ve experienced prior to recent events. Months before the iPhone 7 was announced, renders and photos were floating around the internet, giving us a pretty clear picture of what the new iPhone would look like.

The same thing happened with the new MacBook Pro line. We’ve been hearing rumors of the new Touch Bar for months, and as we’ve gotten closer to the event, photos started showing up giving us a clear idea of what the new MacBook Pro would look like. Apple even leaked the updated machine themselves, just days before the event, with photos buried inside of an update to macOS Sierra.

Leaks wouldn’t be nearly as annoying if we wouldn’t receive details about all of the major updates being announced at the event. Going back to the MacBook Pro leak, many believed that the it wouldn’t be the only Mac updated at the event, which turned out to be incorrect, meaning Marques was wrong with his tweet, and all of Apple’s major announcements for the event were already out in the open.

Another reason for the boredom is the incredible amount of demos that Apple shows off during the keynotes. In previous years, demos shown off during the keynote seemed to focus more on new features of the operating system. At the last keynote, we had a few feature demos, but also found ourselves watching several demos from different companies showing off how their applications would take advantage of the latest hardware.

While I’m not saying that the demos from other companies shouldn’t happen, it seems to be a little much when you have three different companies taking up 5-10 minutes each discussing how their application will take advantage of the latest hardware, especially if their application isn’t something that would appeal to most users.

Maybe the events can be boring at times, but as I said, the product announcements can still be an exciting reason to watch the keynote, and I think they are what keeps me coming back each time Apple goes live to announce a new product.

Do you think that Apple’s announcements are becoming boring, or are they still as exciting as ever in your opinion? I want to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment believe or let us know what you think via social media!

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