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Peyton’s Picks – Episode 2

At our latest trip to the flea market, I picked a few more cool tech items, including some that can be used in our challenge to build a PC out of parts purchased at the flea market by August 21st. Here’s are this week’s picks.

  • Dell monitor
  • HP keyboard
  • IBM Thinkpad T40
  • Aluminum Tripod
  • Small Antler Mount

While we haven’t done extensive testing with all of the items, the Thinkpad is looking like it may be a lost cause, as it now refuses to power on at all, even though it did for a while when we first started working on it. If you have any suggestions to fix that, please let us know, otherwise, we may have some fun with that in a future video.

Which of this week’s finds do you think is the coolest?

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