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Windows 10 Being Installed Without User Authorization?

It’s no secret that Microsoft is excited about Windows 10, and is doing their best to push the new software to users. Apparently they will do anything to get users to upgrade, even without authorization. A friend of mine tipped me today that Windows 10 was installed on their PC without them giving any authorization for Microsoft to do so.

Since Windows 10 was released back in July 2015, it has been installed on hundreds of millions of devices, although that apparently isn’t good enough for Microsoft, who has previously discussed a goal of getting Windows 10 installed on one billion devices within 2 years of its release.

Whenever Windows 10 first launched, it was listed as an optional upgrade, and Microsoft didn’t pressure users quite as much to upgrade. Now that we’re several months into the new operating system’s life cycle, Microsoft has changed Windows 10 to a recommended update for Windows, which means that it will automatically download the 3 GB installer to PCs. If the user has opted for Windows to automatically install recommended updates, Windows 10 will be installed without the user giving the OK.

While we understand that Microsoft is excited to get their new software in the hands of users, it would be nice if such a large upgrade with so many changes from previous versions of Windows would require the user to give their consent for installation. The automatic install could definitely be a big problem for the less tech inclined person who has their PC set up, possibly by a technological knowledgable family member or friend, to automatically install all updates to keep their PCs up to date and protected.

Fortunately, Microsoft is offering a 30 day window to roll back to the previous operating system for users who aren’t happy with the new operating system.

What do you think about Microsoft doing everything in their power to push Windows 10 to users? Does the automatic update turn you off from upgrading?

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