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PSA: Free Multiplayer Gaming on XBOX This Weekend!

2K Games has joined forces with Microsoft to allow all XBOX 360 and XBOX One users, even those without the Gold membership, to play multiplayer games for absolutely free this weekend. The offer is part of Microsoft’s Multiplayer All-Access event, which began on Thursday and

Nintendo Switch Unveiled As Next Generation Game Console

Earlier this morning, Nintendo posted the video above to their website, unveiling the next generation gaming called, dubbed the Nintendo Switch. Rumors of the system, previously code named the Nintendo NX, have been around for the past several months, and it looks like many of them

Peyton’s Picks – Episode 2

At our latest trip to the flea market, I picked a few more cool tech items, including some that can be used in our challenge to build a PC out of parts purchased at the flea market by August 21st. Here’s are this week’s picks.

#RedNeckTech – Episode 1

Sometimes, thinking outside of the box can help come up with solutions to problems that aren’t otherwise easy to solve. In our new series, Redneck Tech, our resident redneck, Robert Miller, takes a look at solutions that would be considered “redneck” and shares his opinion

TechInform Studio Tour

Whenever we relaunched TechInform a few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be given access to a fairly new studio space that allows us to have plenty of space to film, edit, and upload video in addition to writing posts to keep you informed

Peyton’s Picks – Episode 1

Flea markets have a surprisingly great amount of used technology. During a recent trip to the flea market, I decided to start a series showing some of the cool items that we find at the flea market. This past week, we picked up a bunch

“Let Us Loop You In” Event Recap

Apple took the stage at their Town Hall auditorium at their headquarters in Cupertino today and announced new hardware, software, and accessories for those hardware devices. Since Apple is turning 40 on April 1st, the event started off with a video showcasing where they have