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How To Use Apple SuperDrive With Windows Computers

If you’re looking for an external optical drive to use on a Windows PC and happen to have an Apple SuperDrive handy, installing a Boot Camp driver on the Windows PC will give you that functionality. Here’s how you can make your SuperDrive work with

A $4 Smartphone…Is It Worth It?

Ringing Bells, an Indian company, recently announced the Freedom251, a budget smartphone costing just 251 rupees, our approximately $4 USD. For a price that low, you get a phone with decent specs. The Freedom251 boasts a 4″ IPS display with a 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor,

Nikon D3300 First Impressions

I recently just got the Nikon D3300. This is my first DSLR camera that I bought to film short movies, reviews, and photography. The first thing I did when I received the camera is charge the battery, which took about 1-2 hours. After charging the battery I put it

Raspberry Pi 3 Released: Fastest $35 Computer You Can Buy

Four years ago, the original Raspberry Pi, a mini, budget-friendly computer launched, boasting decent specs for its $35 price tag. Since then, other models and revisions have launched, and the latest is launching now. To celebrate four years since its original launch, Raspberry Pi is

iPad Air 3 To Be Rebranded As iPad Pro?

Last fall, when Apple introduced the iPad mini 4, many people became curious as to why the larger iPad wasn’t updated to the iPad Air 3. The latest rumors are pointing the possibility that the iPad Air 3 name may never see the light of

5 Days With the Microsoft Surface Book

Late last week, my Microsoft Surface Book was delivered. I’ve been testing it and enjoying the experience of having and using a Windows 10 machine ever since. My Surface Book features an Intel Core i5, 128 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, as well as the dedicated

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