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Yahoo Hacked Again, 1 Billion Accounts Compromised

After sharing the news that more than 500 million accounts were hacked back in 2014 earlier this year, Yahoo has more unfortunate news for their account holders. The search company said today that more than one billion accounts were compromised in another hack dating back

Bluetooth 5 Coming To Devices Near You Soon

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a global community of over 30,000 companies “serving to unify, harmonize and drive innovation in the vast range of connected devices all around us,” has announced that the next generation Bluetooth 5.0 standard has been officially approved and adopted, allowing manufacturers to

Apple Expands iPhone 6S Battery Failure Replacement Program

A few weeks ago, Apple announced a replacement service for those users affected by iPhone 6S units with faulty batteries, which caused them to shut down, even during use. Since the announcement, more users have experienced difficulties, leading many to believe that Apple’s original estimate

AT&T Announces ‘DirecTV Now’ Streaming Service

Earlier today, AT&T announced a new streaming service, called DirecTV Now, which will offer various bundles of channels for prices ranging for $35 to $70 per month. Live sports, premium channels, popular shows, and even on-demand content will be available in the various packages. The

TI Update – TI 3.1, Forum, We Need You!

It’s been a busy few months here at TechInform HQ, but we’re continuing to press forward with new content, covering the latest tech news, as well as the coolest new gadgets. We have a few exciting things to share with you. TechInform 3.1 Last week,

What to Expect at Microsoft’s Surface Event

Last year around this time, Microsoft held a Surface event where they announced updated Surface models, including the Surface Book, which I’ve become a big fan of after receiving one earlier this year. The company is preparing for another event, which will take place at

Twitter, Spotify, & Others Affected by Large Scale DDoS Attack

Earlier today, tweet-a-holics, music lovers, and internet users in general were kicked off their favorite websites due to a distributed denial of service attack (DD0S) targeting a large DNS provider. Dyn, the company directly affected by the attack, hosts Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, Netflix, LinkedIn and

Email Inventor Ray Tomlinson Passes Away

It is a sad day for internet users. The man who has been credited with inventing email, Raymond Tomlinson, passed away of a suspected heart attack over the weekend. Back in 1971, Tomlinson invented email on ARPANET (an ancestor of the internet). As with most things, his