Samsung Likely To Ditch The Headphone Jack on Next Generation Phones

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Since the launch of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus back in September, many users have been complaining and generally unhappy about Apple’s removal of the headphone jack. In typical Samsung fashion, the latest rumors are suggesting that the Galaxy S8 series will lack a headphone jack.

Similar to Apple’s approach, Samsung will likely replace the space used by the 3.5mm audio jack with other components, and rely solely on a single USB-C connector for both charging and listening to music.

At their press conference where they unveiled the audio jack free iPhone 7 series, Apple said that it took a lot of “courage” to remove the port, and it looks like Apple taking the lead has given Samsung the courage to follow suit and remove their headphone jack too. This won’t be the first time that Samsung takes notes from Apple’s release, and we’re interested to see what Android users have to say about the change, given the controversy that followed that of Apple’s decision.

The timing of Samsung’s removal of the headphone jack is interesting, given the commentary by Samsung executives when announcing the Galaxy Note 7. ‘Want to know what else it comes with?” asked Samsung Vice President Justin Denison to the audience at the Note 7 unveil, in an attempt to mock the iPhone. “An audio jack, I’m just saying.”

Android users will now understand the feelings of iPhone users who now have no way to charge and listen to music at the same time without a dongle, and existing headphones will require the use of an adaptor to work with their shiny new phones.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 should be announced in February at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Samsung may find that they have a tough sell on their hands, having to convince users that the removal of the headphone jack isn’t all that bad, and that their newest phone won’t explode, like a certain past Samsung device that we won’t mention here.

With headphone jacks becoming harder to find, what are your thoughts on companies making the decision to remove them from their devices? Good idea, or should they be left along?

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