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New Dual-screen Dell Smart Desk to Compete With Surface Studio

Microsoft’s announcement of the Surface Studio, a desktop and tablet hybrid that features an interesting dial interface element, last week seemed to be a pretty big hit among creatives. With all of the hype behind the new Surface Studio, Dell has decided that they want a piece of the pie and has begun showing off a Smart Desk prototype.

Prior to Dell’s keynote at the Adobe Max Conference, the video above surfaced, showing what Dell’s Smart Desk can do. Many of the features are similar to those of the Surface Studio: photo and video editing, illustration, and media manipulation.

While Dell’s concept is pretty similar to the Surface Studio, there are definitely enough differences that it won’t be considered a direct copy. Dell’s solution involves using two separate monitors, likely one for drawing and using the touch interface, and one for viewing your work, instead of the single monitor approach that Microsoft took with the Surface Studio.

Given that two different videos that have been released show the Smart Desk working with two different monitors, it would appear that Dell’s Smart Desk would be an accessory that would likely work with any existing PC, instead of a whole computer.

Dell’s Smart Desk should pair with the Windows 10 Creator update, which will launch in early 2017, given that it will take advantage of many of the new creator-centric features that the Surface Studio will also use.

Unfortunately, information regarding pricing and release hasn’t been announced, as a press release from Dell is calling the Smart Desk a “workplace of the future concept.” Hopefully we’ll hear more about that within the next few months, especially if Dell is hoping to have a chance to compete with Microsoft’s offering.

What are your thoughts on Dell’s Smart Desk? Does this interest you more than the Surface Studio, given that it may be slightly cheaper since it’s an accessory rather than a complete system? Let us know with a comment below.

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