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Microsoft Surface Phone To Begin Production In 2017

Microsoft’s Surface lineup has been increasingly popular since its launch years ago and the latest reports are saying that a new Surface Phone will be joining that lineup at some point in 2017. Microsoft’s manufacturing partner, Pegatron, is said to be prepared to begin trial production.

The Commercial Times recently reported that Pegatron has been working closely with Microsoft to make the Surface Phone a reality, and is now prepared to move forward with production for a possible release in 2017. Rumors about the Surface Phone picked up a few weeks ago when Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, promised that they were committed to creating “the ultimate mobile device.”

With the exception of the rumors of production beginning next year, very little information about the device is known, but we suspect that taking a look at Microsoft’s other designs could give us an idea of what such a phone may look like. Another possibility for the new phone would be the ability to dock it, turning a smartphone into a full PC experience, something we’ve seen others do before, without any sort of major success.

While the Surface Phone may offer some interesting features meant to shake up the mobile market, it’s difficult to say rather the Surface Phone will be successful, given the popularity of iOS and Android, as well as the failed attempts of Microsoft to make Windows Phone a popular operating system. With 2017 being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and rumors of a major upgrade to that device, the Surface Phone may find it difficult to compete, unless it sets itself apart from other mobile hardware.

If the Surface Phone ends up like its family members in the Surface lineup, Microsoft could have a hit on their hands, finally giving unsatisfied Android and iPhone users the chance to switch to something new and different.

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