Caseology’s iPhone 7 Case Lineup Review

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Our friends at Caseology were nice enough to send us a sampling of their lineup of cases designed for the iPhone 7 Plus. There are no other cases on the market that look quite look theirs, and their team works hard to provide consumers with a variety of styles, colors, and modern designs to meet their needs. Each of their cases feature a unique design, and we’ll be taking a look at each below.

All of the cases feature large cutouts for all of the ports, making them easy to access. Buttons are easy to press on each, even with the protective coverings that Caseology opted to use.


The Titan series looks a bit different than I originally anticipated based on the photos on Caseology’s website, but I’ve quickly become a huge fan of the design. The rubber material, as well as the squared off edges help to increase grip when holding the phone. Another great feature are the feet on the back of the case, eliminating the possibility of scratches when the phone is laid on a table. The color choices of this case are great, and I’m definitely a fan of the deep blue that Caseology sent to us. The biggest downside to this case would probably be the open Apple logo on the back, allowing dirt to get to the phone, but that can easily be fixed, if that’s something you’re worried about.


The Vault series is made of a thinner, more flexible material and will offer slightly less protection than some of the others. It features a mostly matte black design with carbon fiber around the edges that looks great. The carbon fiber texture helps with gripping the phone, which is definitely a nice touch. There is a very minimal amount of protection if you’d drop your phone face down, which is probably the largest con of this case.


The Skyfall series is one of two that features a clear back, allowing users to easily show off their shiny iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. The design of this case is different from most other clear cases, given the colored bumper around the sides of the phone that extends around the camera. The Skyfall feels nice in the hand, even though it can be a bit slippery compared to many of Caseology’s other offerings.

The Waterfall looks similar to the Skyfall, but features a slightly thinner design. While the Skyfall is a 2-piece case, the Waterfall is a single piece that trades the bumper for a semitransparent edges available in different colors.

One thing that bugged me about these cases when I first opened the packaging is the clear film that is used to protect the case from scratches and dirt during shipping. While I think this is a brilliant idea to protect the case, a tab would be a great addition to make peeling them off more easily. Caseology isn’t the only company that I’ve had the same experience with, so I won’t dock them too many points for that one.


The Envoy is a flexible TPU case that features a nice two color design. It is available in carbon fiber, as well as various other colors and styles. The buttons on this case are recessed, and don’t stick out quite as far as the buttons on the other cases, but they are still easy to find and press without any issue. The edges provide plenty of grip that should prevent the iPhone from slipping out of a hand. The carbon fiber on the back of the case feels great and is a nice play to rest your fingers when using your phone.


Prior to receiving the cases from Caseology, I saw a few friends using this case, and was generally intrigued by it and wanted to get my hands on it. The Parallax series features a 2-piece design with a nice hexagonal design on the back. That design helps when gripping the phone, and generally just feels nice to hold. Smudges accumulated somewhat easily on this case, but were wiped off as easily as they appeared.


The Wavelength series is similar to the Parallax, with a different design on the back, featuring lines that span the width of the phone. The design helps when gripping the phone, and isn’t nearly as susceptible to smudges like the Parallax series. The burgundy color can look different colors at times, sometimes looking red and others looking more pink or purple. Fortunately, other colors are available, but that’s something to keep in mind if you’re a fan of the burgundy color.

Overall, Caseology makes great cases that will offer plenty of protection for mobile devices. They are committed to using high-quality materials, which definitely shows based on the high-quality cases I’ve had the opportunity to test. Caseology’s cases are all available at affordable price points, many of them under $20 on Amazon, making them a great choice to protect your precious mobile device.

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