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What to Expect at Microsoft’s Surface Event

Last year around this time, Microsoft held a Surface event where they announced updated Surface models, including the Surface Book, which I’ve become a big fan of after receiving one earlier this year.

The company is preparing for another event, which will take place at 10:00 AM ET (7:00 AM PT) tomorrow, October 26th. Hardware isn’t expected to be as large of a focus this year, but shouldn’t be completely neglected.

Windows 10

A large focus of the event will be Windows 10. Two major updates have already been planned for Windows 10, with the first expected to arrive in March 2017. One of the biggest features in that update will be better trackpad customization, meaning that your Windows PC’s trackpad may not be as lousy anymore as it has been in the past. Customization and full control of the trackpad should bring the trackpads more in line with the BetterTouchTool that macOS has offered for years.

Many other updates are also expected to the operating system, including a feature similar to iOS’s Night Shift that will reduce the amount of blue light emitted from Windows 10 PCs. Smart home applications have been incredibly popular as of late, and Microsoft will also likely be introducing a “HomeHub” application that will help to manage smart devices within the home.

Surface All-In-One

Microsoft’s Surface line has been a popular line of Windows computers and it’s expected that Microsoft will expand the lineup at their event with the introduction of an all-in-one device to compete with the Apple iMac.

The new Surface will feature a large display, likely in the 24-27″ range, as well as a hinge that will allow the device to stand up like a typical desktop computer, or lay flat on a table, making drawing and other touch input much easier.

An Amazon Echo Competitor

While Microsoft’s “HomeHub” features should be coming to Windows 10, rumors have also suggested that Microsoft may be preparing a standalone device similar to the Amazon Echo that is controlled using Cortana. The Echo competitor will be able to store files on internal storage, and answers questions, but that may not be enough to make it a success, given the stiff competition it will have from both Amazon and Google, as well as Apple, who is rumored to be developing a similar device.

“Imagine What You’ll Do”

Microsoft’s invitation for their event features the phrase “Imagine what you’ll do” and it’s likely that a large focus of the event will be on 3D and creativity. All of Microsoft’s new products will likely feature HoloLens support and make use of 3D elements.

The new Microsoft Paint app that has been leaked online will likely be given some stage time, showing off the new features and announcing when it will be released to Windows 10 computers everywhere.

What About the Surface Pro 5 & Surface Book 2?

Hardware isn’t expected to be a large part of the event, and the Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 and other hardware will likely be left waiting for release another day, which has been rumored to happen early next year. We could, however, see the release of Surface branded PC accessories, including a keyboard and mouse set, that passed through the FCC recently.

Microsoft’s event will be packed full of Surface goodness, and shouldn’t disappoint, unless you were counting on Surface tablet or laptop updates. While we won’t be covering this one live, we’ll be sure to share the latest information after the event tomorrow, so stay tuned to our website for the latest.

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