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Nintendo Switch Unveiled As Next Generation Game Console

Earlier this morning, Nintendo posted the video above to their website, unveiling the next generation gaming called, dubbed the Nintendo Switch.

Rumors of the system, previously code named the Nintendo NX, have been around for the past several months, and it looks like many of them weren’t far off from what Nintendo has shown us via the trailer released today. The new console is essentially a tablet that can be hooked up to a television and used with a controller, or taken on the go and used on its own.

The controller used for the Nintendo Switch is a modular design, that allows both ends to be removed and connected to the sides of the tablet to form a PS Vita like device with a large screen in the middle and controls on either end.

The Nintendo Switch follows after the Wii U, which was the beginning of Nintendo’s attempt to create a hybrid gaming system, but ultimately ended being a failure given the fact that the tablet portion of the U had to be used in the same vicinity as the console only.

While it’s not likely that I’ll be purchasing a Switch once it’s released in March 2017, that’s largely due to the fact that I’m not much of a gamer. I can easily see the Nintendo Switch being a big hit for Nintendo, putting them back on the map for mobile and console gaming.

What are your thoughts on the Switch? Will you be picking one up?

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