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New Macs Being Released on October 27th?

Re/Code is reporting that Apple is preparing to launch new Macs at event on Thursday, October 27th. According to their sources, the event will be held “at or near” their Cupertino campus, instead of San Francisco where many of their other product launches occur.

Details about which Macs will be updated haven’t been leaked as of yet, but aside from the 12″ retina MacBook, all of Apple’s computer line is due for an update.

Rumors have been pointing to the release of updated MacBook Pros, featuring the addition of USB-C as well as an OLED touch panel above the new, flatter keyboard which could be used to show relevant information and control settings such as volume, screen brightness, etc. A new, thinner chassis is also probable, which will force the removal of MagSafe, USB-A, HDMI, and the SD card slot and replacing them with just 4 USB-C ports, supporting USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3. TouchID support is also a likely addition to the updated MacBook Pro models.

While this goes well with Apple’s forward thinking, port removing ideals, it’s likely that the removal may feel to be too soon for many pro level users, who still rely on other accessories that use the USB-A connection.

Other recent rumors suggest that Apple will unveil an updated 13″ MacBook Air, featuring USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. No mention has been made, however, about the 11″ MacBook Air, which could indicate the possibility of its death, due to the stiff competition with the 12″ retina MacBook.

Given that all of Apple’s desktop models are also due for an update, it’s likely that Apple may unveil minor updates to them, likely processor updates and possible pricing changes.

With the event being rumored for just over a week away, we should see media invitations being sent out by the end of the week, if the latest rumors of an announcement next Thursday are correct.

What are your thoughts on the removal of most of the ports on the new MacBook Pros? Let us know with a tweet to @TechInformus or a comment below!

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