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Chrome Controls Moving Down On Android?

As phones have gotten larger, it has gotten more difficult to reach all buttons and controls for the apps that we use on them. Manufacturers are always working to make the experience better for their users. Apple’s larger iPhones feature a reachability feature that will bring elements at the top of the screen down with a double tap of the home button. Various Android manufacturers have implemented similar features into their devices.

A new “Chrome Home” feature uncovered in the latest beta of the¬†Google Chrome app for Android moves the search bar, tab switcher, and settings menu to the bottom of the screen, making them much easier to access without having to stretch your fingers or change the position of the phone in your hand.

The new feature is currently only found on the Canary for Android test platform, which is essentially a developer version of Chrome. Given that the feature has made it that far, it’s likely that it will become a public release at some point in the feature, even though Google could change their mind and pull it at any time. An official title, as well as any connection to the upcoming Google Home device, have yet to become available, but we should hear more from Google over the coming months.

Making controls more easily accessible is always a great thing. It would be awesome if this became a feature in Chrome and other apps, even though it wouldn’t be a huge disappointment to me if it didn’t, given that I primarily use an iPhone that has reachability features built-in that work relatively well when I need them.

What are your thoughts on the new beta feature? Are you hoping to see it released publicly to make your web browsing easier on Android?

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