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Apple Leaks New MacBook Pro Days Before Announcement

Apple is planning to say “hello again” to their Mac lineup on Thursday, but a recent update to macOS leaked images of the MacBook Pro that we’re expecting to be announced at the event on Thursday.

In the latest software update to macOS Sierra, 10.12.1, released earlier this week, MacRumors spotted a few images showing the new MacBook Pro that we’ve been hearing rumors about for months. While most of the computer looks relatively to the model we’ve known and loved, there are a few new additions, mainly the OLED strip above the keyboard, which will likely be called the Magic Toolbar, as well as a TouchID sensor embedded at the right edge of the OLED strip.

The new model is likely to adopt the new thinner keyboard, found in the 12″ MacBook, thinner bezels, and a slightly smaller footprint in general. The thinner smaller design will be possible due to the likely removal of many of the ports, including MagSafe, USB-A, HDMI, and the SD card reader, even though we won’t know for sure until Thursday.


While the leaked images focus on Apple Pay, the new Magic Toolbar will display different information, depending on which application the user is currently using, and even be completely blank to save power when not in use.

We’re just 2 days away from the announcement when we should find out much more about the new MacBook Pro line, as well as everything else Apple plans to announce that day.

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