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New HP Laptop To Debut Tomorrow To Compete With MacBook

The New York Times is reporting that HP is preparing to unveil a new ultra thin laptop that is rumored to be a close rival to Apple’s 12-inch MacBook that made its debut last year. The new laptop, which will be the latest in HP’s “Spectre” lineup, will likely be unveiled tomorrow at the New York Times Luxury Conference in Paris.

The new laptop will reportedly feature a 13.3-inch display and be even thinner than the MacBook’s 13.1mm, coming in at roughly 11mm. According to an HP spokesperson, there have been a few different concepts for the new laptop, including one that seems to be optimized for conference calls with easy controls for them, along with multiple strong microphones built into the edges of the laptop. Other designs lead us to believe that this could be an iPad Pro and Surface competitor, that includes a tablet with a detachable keyboard accessory. Either way, the new HP Spectre should be an interesting line, and is even rumored to include a few new innovations that we haven’t even heard about yet.

Pricing hasn’t yet been revealed, but we’re hearing that HP may be offering gold and diamond-crusted versions, which will start at roughly $25,000, even though our sources are saying that all proceeds from the “special” models will be donated to charity.

Will you be picking up HP’s new MacBook competitor? Personally, I think it could be an interesting option for those who are looking for something thin and light that runs Windows.

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