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Facebook Messenger Adds Group Audio Calling

Facebook’s messenger app has been constantly evolving and changing over the past few months, with the addition of scannable profile codes, as well as other additions that will allow it to compete more directly with other messaging apps, such as SnapChat.

The latest feature announcement for the app looks to replace your phone, giving users the ability to make audio calls with groups of up to 50 users. The latest update should begin to roll out to users soon, and will be accessible using a phone icon that will show up in the corner of group chats, allowing them to quickly be converted to a group call. Once a call has begun, it will be possible to see who is listening, as well as managing individual participants, in case you’d like to kick that one person out of the call who just likes to talk too much.

While I don’t see myself using the new feature all that often, I can see where it would be helpful for users trying to make plans quickly, eliminating the need for users to wait for others to see the message and type out their responses.

Either way, it’s nice that Facebook is adding to their messenger app, giving us more than enough features, even if many won’t end up using them all. Do you plan to make group calls using Facebook Messenger? Send us a message on our Facebook page with your thoughts!

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