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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Facebook Messenger Adds Group Audio Calling

Facebook’s messenger app has been constantly evolving and changing over the past few months, with the addition of scannable profile codes, as well as other additions that will allow it to compete more directly with other messaging apps, such as SnapChat. The latest feature announcement

Peyton’s Picks – Episode 2

At our latest trip to the flea market, I picked a few more cool tech items, including some that can be used in our challenge to build a PC out of parts purchased at the flea market by August 21st. Here’s are this week’s picks.

#RedNeckTech – Episode 1

Sometimes, thinking outside of the box can help come up with solutions to problems that aren’t otherwise easy to solve. In our new series, Redneck Tech, our resident redneck, Robert Miller, takes a look at solutions that would be considered “redneck” and shares his opinion