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iPhone 6S Plus Review

About two months ago I purchased the iPhone 6s Plus and upgraded from my iPhone 6. The purchase was a little nerve racking as I was not sure how I was going to like a bigger phone that is different from what I’m used to. Let me tell you, I’m beyond happy that I decided to go for the plus version. It took me about a week to adjust and now I just simply can’t see myself ever going back to a smaller phone. The phone is so convenient to watch movies, to read, or to go through social media. I’d highly recommend getting the phone if you have poor vision. The larger screen surely makes the text larger and less stressful on your eyes. So overall the size of the phone didn’t mess me up at all and actually I thought it was a great upgrade and has made my enjoyment of using an apple iPhone product just simply rise.

The new S model on the other hand just didn’t seem to be as big of an upgrade as it was with just having the iPhone 6. Sure many new features were added but they just don’t seem really useful or necessary and certainly not a buying point on why someone should upgrade. One thing that I am glad apple fixed was the Touch ID. The Touch ID on the iPhone 6 was finicky. By the time it recognized the finger print you might as well of just entered the pass code in. I have noticed though that in my new iPhone 6S Plus it takes a fraction of a second to unlock the phone using the Touch ID which is just so much more useful than it was prior. The improved camera is certainly a benefit of upgrading. Its not much more of an upgrade than it was before with the  exception of being able to take 4K videos. I will state though, that when taking 4K videos it takes up an incredible amount of storage on the phone so if you are interested in upgrading for that feature I’d suggest buying at least the 64 GB iPhone. A feature that I thought was overly hyped was the live photos. It is just a gimmick by Apple. I don’t get the point of them and in my opinion they are worse than real photos as they take up more storage and the default setting for taking photos is live photos. I just don’t think its a selling point at all if someone wanted a video all they’d have to do is record one! Its just a sales gimmick. The A9 processing chip on the other hand is not a gimmick. I have noticed great graphic performances along with incredible speed in loading things.

The outside design of the phone has not changed from the old iPhone 6. The only new design feature was a rose gold color added to the iPhone line up. There are some things that have changed from my prior iPhone as mentioned in the paragraph above. The thing that I love about my iPhone 6S plus is the improved battery life I can usually make it through the whole day with substantial use of my phone. The iPhone 6S Plus does have a larger battery than just the iPhone 6S which also made me make my decision to go with the Plus. Apple has a much hyped new iPhone coming out soon the iPhone 7 and I believe Apple really needs to focus on upgrading the battery life of their phones and making the batteries a tad bit larger to add for longer use of the phone. This is the approach that Apples competitors are taking and Apple needs to stay ahead of them to continue being successful. In fact I myself a beloved Apple user almost switched to a Samsung. I was beyond tired of having to plug my phone in 2 to 3 times a day but Apple certainly improved the batteries with their S series and with the inclusion of power save mode which helps a ton. I think apple needs to shoot for a battery that can last 18 hours of solid use on there next phone to attract customers. Over all I enjoy my upgrade from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s Plus. The performance has been improved as well as the battery life. The 5.5 inch display is also great for reading articles, watching movies, or scrolling through social media. I would recommend the upgrade from iPhone 6 to the larger iPhone 6S plus any day. But if I was thinking about upgrading now I would just wait till the iPhone 7 comes out as it is close to releasing and there will hopefully be even more improvements! Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed!

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