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Android N Developer Preview Released

In an unexpected move by Google today, a developer preview of the next version of Android, currently dubbed Android N, was released earlier today. The updated version contains many new features, some that Android users have been waiting on for a long time. Here are a few of our favorite features coming to Android soon.

  • Split Screen Multitasking – Multitasking is coming to Android phones and tablets. Users will be able to view and interact with 2 applications at the same time. While I can’t currently do this on my iPhone, my iPad added the feature in iOS 9 and it’s been nice to be able to use two apps at one time. Enough about iOS though, this is an Android post after all.
  • Night Mode – Back in Android Marshmallow’s developer preview, a night mode was included but had limited features and was pulled before the final release. Night mode returns in Android N, with many more options that allow you to control the red filter, brightness, and dark mode to make your phone more usable at night.
  • New Quick Settings UI – Quick settings in the notification shade received an updated UI. Whenever you pull down the shade, a row of settings shortcuts for many of the more common options are shown. With the tap of an arrow, the familiar interface from Android Marshmallow interface with all of the settings is shown. One of the best parts of the new Quick Settings UI is the ability to edit which icons show up and where they are in the menu.
  • New Settings UI – The Settings UI was one of the first aspects of Android N that was leaked, and the new interface looks similar to that which was leaked. Much of the interface is similar to the current version, with the addition of a hamburger menu that makes switching between different areas of the settings menu more intuitive. The interface also loses some of the extra lines and details, making it look much cleaner.
  • Doze Improvements – Doze, the battery saving feature built into Android M, is back in Android N and improved in a few ways. Currently, Doze works best whenever a phone is in a single position, not moving around. One of the improvements in N is that Doze will work any time the screen is turned off, rather you’re sitting still or not. Improvements to background tasks should also help to improve battery life and performance.

Android N has a lot of great new features and we’re looking forward to playing with the new version of Google’s operating system. Which feature of Android N is your favorite? Also, what do you think Android N’s full name will be?


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